Yugioh Arc-V First Trailer Released Card Games on Monsters?

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25 Responses to Yugioh Arc-V First Trailer Released Card Games on Monsters?

  1. Hugh Wang says:

    the dragon reminded me of red nova dragon

  2. slayerr4365 says:

    Riding monsters is just dumb.. Maybe its because I am watching yugioh since
    it started but I hated 5ds because of the bike crap.. I just want duels
    standing normal.

  3. TheBlackRoseGuy says:

    Imagine riding on Dracossack, or how about………Kuriboh

  4. Lumpyrox says:

    I think the fact he was riding on a “cute” monster will make fan’s initial
    reactions a little iffy, but i think i’ll warm up to it should they ride on
    stronger monsters in future episodes :)

    I’m pretty excited ^_^ 

  5. BronyBarrington says:

    Card games on motocycles

  6. TheLegendaryDuelist says:

    where is the vid, i just get there and i see him and two guys a box and
    iclicked on the box then i see something in japanese (not a video)?

  7. kingoniranger says:


  8. vanguardduelist says:

    “pendulum” eh. interesting wonder what that is. Maybe the new monster type?

  9. vanguardduelist says:

    looking at the trailer, when yuya played his card, two lights were coming
    off it. a red and blue light and then it showed his two monsters being
    summoned. Maybe these “pendulum” cards actually summon two monsters. one in
    the monster card zone and one in the spell and trap zone. then each turn,
    they switch places. You know like how a pendulum goes back and forth from
    side to side. just speculation, but it would be interesting

  10. Brandon Vo says:

    Im so sorry i love yugioh anime manga and the card game but in my own
    opinion that was bull shit he was ridding a hippo and looks like all the
    originals combined yugis puzzle the blue thing jadens hair yusis duel disk
    and yumas jacket ya

  11. JRod527763 says:

    Anything is better than ZEXAL….

  12. chubkuriboh says:

    After looking at the trailer I think that we don’t have to look at the
    whole riding on monster thing literally as we have also seen shots of other
    characters riding atop their boss monsters and they never really did it in
    the show so I don’t think we have anything to worry about on that front

  13. kingmax318 says:

    Dear Cyber,

    I really like your videos, but instead of spamming 2 min videos of little
    news could you please make a proper video? Thanks!

  14. Spyrospeed99Gaming says:

    noone has brought up the important fact that this now means that utopia is
    now not getting any more forms. yayyy

  15. janson kate says:

    1. yuya related to Yuma??
    2. the monsters look badass.

  16. shadowdarkone1 says:

    One of the main reason any Yugioh would not have female as the main
    protagonist of the story is that Yugioh means “king of the games”. That is
    what I think.

  17. ngforsgren says:

    Possibility of Yuya using all extra deck monsters?

  18. BLS. says:

    Inb4 someone in that anime rides Dark Magician Girl.

  19. pkmnygocntrl says:

    card games on hippos

  20. rainbow bamboo says:

    Hope this isn’t zexal #2

  21. Blazethecat1695 says:

    The v stands for 5

  22. Russell Stum says:

    if you ride duel monsters it will be so epic!

  23. Dark Knight says:

    Let’s hope that hippo in the trailer is not his ace monster.

  24. thunderdrake13 says:

    yugioh arc v makes Zexal seem like a better alternative _. Yuma looks like
    a Yusei wannabe and now this guy is like a yugi wanabe. They should have
    the characters wear long sleeves so they wouldnt look like such scrawny lil

  25. SuperSaiyan3985 says:

    What stupidity! When will they ever stop making these stupid animes!? The
    only one’s that were good are the original & GX. 5D’s was okay and Zexal
    sucked dick! I thought it couldn’t get any worse yet here i stand
    corrected. That’s exatly why I still use the old cards because the new ones
    look like shit because they’re based on the ones in the anime. When will
    they ever stop making this crap, when?

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